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of positive news in japan's struggle to avoid a nuclear meltdown. we're just getting word that a new power line to the truck fukushimi -- >> reporter: crews tried to cool reactors after white clouds drifting from one reactor believed to be leaking radiation forced japanese workers to temporarily eevacuate. >> translator: if the fuel rod gets exposed, it can become fragile and there is a chance of that rod breaking once any shock is given. >> reporter: japanese helicopters pulled out of wednesday's mission following the release of steam of the vessel of reactor number 3 which top government officials report was not damaged. during an extremely rare address to the nation, japan's emperor now address the crisis. >> translator: i'm deeply concerned about the nuclear situation because it's unpredictable. >> reporter: he offers con dole licenses to the victims of last -- con dole licenses to the victims of -- con dole licenses to the victims of the tragedy -- condolences to the victims of the tragedy last week. the quake hit, following a tsunami and survivors are still being found. >> the chanc
>>> how the u.s. is hoping to prevent a nuclear disaster in japan while not putting lives at risk. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection is specifically monitoring traffic from japan. we have a live report from sfo. >> reporter: and what happened today that could mean a better commute for commuters of the east bay. >>> we begin with the obama administration announcing that the radioactive zone leaving japan does not pose a risk for this area. these are the latest aerial images of the fukushima dai- ichi plant. they are continuing efforts to cool rods while a local power company is trying to restore electricity by cooling pumps. here's more. >> reporter: japanese officials say they will keep trying to cool reactor number 3 at the fukushima dai-ichi attempt even though little has been done. >> translator: in order to start the cooling, we've asked for water-drop operations and the spraying of water from the ground. >> reporter: engineers began looking at ways to get the power back on. officials hope the power is restored -- once the power is restored to the plant, the powe
>>> fears of another disaster in japan as the struggle continues to control damaged nuclear power plants. >>> authorities catch a suspect using a seldom-used kind of d ney comparison. we'll have details coming up. >>> five people wound in an overnight incident in san francisco. why it could be gang-related. the noon news begins now. >> good afternoon. >>> topping our news in japan, the threat of nuclear contamination from a damaged power plant is growing more critical and is causing complications for people struck in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami. david piper begins our coverage. >> reporter: survivors of the deadly earthquake and tsunami have something else to worry about, fears of failing nuclear reaction yarr for the in japan. men, women, and others around the area undergoing contamination checks. >> that's how it is, i think. if they test me, i will be relieved. >> reporter: officials ordered 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors because of soaring radiation levels after an explosion and fire at the fukushima plant on tuesday. the government said
>>> the death toll rises in japan amid the quake and tsunami devastation. today, worries are growing about the crisis at nuclear plants. >>> in just minutes, local leaders will be meeting to discuss the disaster situation in japan. we'll show you how you can help. >>> as the damage cleanup resumes today in santa cruz, we now have this video of the moment the surge of waves hit the harbor. that story and more on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> good afternoon. topping our news, the u.s. is stepping up relief efforts to help japan recover from last week's massive earthquake and tsunami. the death toll also continues to rise and concern is growing over the threat of a possible nuclear plant meltdown. craig boswell begins our coverage with this report. >> reporter: just days after the devastating and deadly earthquake and tsunami in japan, help is arriving. two u.s. search and rescue teams are on the ground to assist operations from dozens of other countries. 75-member u.s. teams include at least 12 rescue dogs from los angeles. >> the united states will continue to offer any
a look at the latest radars >>> and tiny amounts of radiation from japan reached california. what officials are saying about the health risks. those stories and more next on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. good afternoon. topping our news a powerful late winter storm is slamming the bay area, dumping heavy rains, triggering a tornado warning for the peninsula and forming a funnel cloud in the bay area. a funnel cloud ripped off a section of roof from a landscaping business. the micro burst sent the building's tin roof flying and it landd in an adjacent residential neighborhood. we have live team coverage this afternoon with news crews uncovering the impact of this up stable and severe -- unstable and severe weather. >> it takes a few hours to get out there to santa rosa and investigate the situation. they have not confirmed whether or not we, in fact, saw a tornado. maybe more of a down burst that comes with heavy rain or hail sort of dropping like a very heavy cold balloon when it hits the ground and the wind spread out. we will continue to track the latest on that. storm tracker sh
. >>> in japan the operator of the crippled nuclear complex says that power lines are now connected to all six reactors. the utility company hopes to power a cooling system to the plant's overheated reactors. workers are still checking water pumps for damage and hope to power them up as someone as tomorrow, but they warn the process could take days. emergency crews also dump had a teen tons of seawater into an almost boiling storage pond and cooled it to a safe 105 degrees. >>> many are mourning the death of their loved ones. relatives held a mass burial for hundreds of victims who died in the earthquake and tsunami. the official death count has topped 9,000, but authorities say almost 14,000 people are still missing. >>> japanese officials say after shock are becoming less frequent, but are urging people to be on the alert. there have been more than 60 strong after shock since the initial quake on march 11, including three with a magnitude of 6.4 or higher just today. they were all centered off the coast there. >>> u.s. military families evacuated from japan, arriving at travis air force base
how you and your team might be thinking about helping out in japan. >> sure, yeah, you are going to have to describe the photos for me because i am with one of your crews. >> actually, let's start there because that is something you told us about, you mentioned you have several crews from japan with you and you said they were not able to get in communication with their families. has that changed? were they able to make contact? >> most of them have been able to do that. two primarily are from very effected area phs areas of the country. one was able to get in touch with his family members. at this point one of them, who is also from the very affected areas of the country has been a regularly leaves the group and tries to get on the cell phone to find out the disposition of his family, so it is a stressful day for these guys. you know for a variety of reasons. none the least of which is they were hoping to try and get a plane out this morning. that is impossible. we have enlisted the assistance of the consulate of japan in san francisco and in touch with fema around also foreign
, to the latest in japan. japanese officials have issued the first warning about tap watter in tokyo. parents in tokyo are being ops told not to give their babies tap water because there's two times the recommended limit of iodine. that layses the -- that raises the risk of thyroid cancer. >>> also in japan they've been able to restore power at one of the damaged reactors at a nuclear power plant. the utility company says it plans to test-run a cooling pump at the number 3 reactor today. it's the first reactor to have electricity restored since the earthquake and tsunami cut off power to the plant. since then, workers have been scrambling to try to keep the reactors and spent fuel rod containers cool by spraying them with sea water. but radiation has still been leaking. >> the u.s. has become the first country to block food imports from japan's radiation zone because of contamination fears. the fda has halted the import of milk, vegetable and fruits, produced in the area near the damaged nuclear plant. japanese food imports make up less than 4% of all u.s. food imports. >>> ktvu.com has more
warning signs, rumble strips and clearer lane markings. >>> experts in japan say high radiation detected outside the fukushima nuclear power plant is probably due to a partial meltdown of fuel rods. today, the company that owns the plant says plutonium has been detected in the soil near the reactors. hundreds of tons of contaminated water has been found in a number of places in the complex including the basements of several buildings. that needs to be removed before workers can restore electricity to the plant's cooling system. some experts say the situation is more serious than previously thought. traces of radioactive iodine have turned up in rainwater as far away as massachusetts. >>> vacaville police are warning residents to be aware of suspicious packages. this as the investigation into a bomb found in a newspaper continues. now, you're looking at the hole left in the ground left on cashel court by a bomb that blew up yesterday morning. the paper was heavy and the neighbor said it blew up. the area was evacuated. nothing was found. residents are worried. >> why are you nervous becau
. >> and the crisis in japan may be changing again, as problems at a nuclear plant get worse, the story ahead at noon. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, i am maureen naylor, in today for tori campbell. we begin today with a break in the rain for the most part. scattered showers are still in the area but today residents have a chance to dry out after a week filled with heavy rain. ktvu cameras spotted this look sight, a rainbow this morning. the rain left a lot of cleaning up to do. mark tamayo is in the weather center, allie rasmus is in san pablo, but we begin with janine delainvestigate de la vega de la vega. good afternoon. >> reporter: hi rainwater flooded into the treats and stores. take a look at this video. >> this is flowing really fast. >> reporter: this is what it looked like yesterday the street turned into a rushing river bringing a couple of feet of water into the businesses and homes along the street. public works officials say drainage pipes failed. all the residents were evacuated there because of the danger an
are being called national heroes are japan's struggles to control the nuclear reactor. meteorologist mark tamayo will be back with more on how much rain we'll get and when it will end. and the group that says it will picket the funeral of elizabeth taylor. >>> in labia, french fighter jets struck a libyan air base and destroyed one of gaddafi's warplanes. officials say a surveillance plane noticed the combat plane flying near in violation of the no-fly zone and shot it down. and our reports that heavy damage to one of two primary inland air bases. in the meantime, nato warships began patrolling the coast in an effort to halt any flow of weapons or mercenaries for gaddafi and the u.s. could hand control of the operation to nato as soon as saturday. >>> in the meantime, rebel forces are reporting significant gains in the past 24 hours. they say they forced government tanks and troops to roll back to an area and had taken control of the city. but the fighting has been so intense, many people say they have no choice but to leave. opposition fighters also say they have gained -- regained contr
short-term risks from food contaminated by radiation in japan. they fear it has spread beyond the 18-mile zone. japanese officials have banned the sell of spinach and milk from areas around the reactors. the situation needs to be monitored carefully because food born radiation is a more serious risk of health. >>> top u.s. safety initials are calling for inspections at all u.s. plants in light of what is happening in japan. the nuclear regulatory commission met in rockville maryland today. they will review all 104 u.s. nuclear plants and determine if any changes are necessary. >> here in the united states we have an obligation to the united states to under take a methodical review of our own facilities. >> lawmakers and antinuclear activist are also calling for safety measures in our own quake prone state. >>> nancy pelosi was briefly hospitalized in rome. she was scheduled to meet with italy's defense minister when he was admitted today. she has since resumed her schedule and released a statement saying quote after several flights yesterday and afghanistan and a long flight back to
sarkozy became the first world leader to visit japan since the disaster that began with an off- shore earthquake. he arrived today along with nuclear experts to help assess the situation at the fukushima power plant. nuclear power supplies 75% of the energy used in france. in the meantime, workers are frapping with dangerously- contaminated water at the plant. levels of radioactive iodine in ground water underneath the reaction yarr for the are more than 10,000 times legal limb and sea water off the coast gets more than 4,000 times the legal limit. >>> today is the last day to help with the san jose fundraiser for victims of japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. more than a dozen santana row businesses and south bay real estate company will wrap up their campaign today. 10% of all sales at the store will go to relief efforts and federal realty is matching amount raised. one business, the vintage wine bar, is donating 25% of its total sales. >>> an oakland-based program to teach young people about broadcast journalism has won one of the industry's most prestigious awards
. >>> the testing of seawater near japan's crippled nuclear plant is showing is highest radiation level yet. officials found iodine levels 3,000 times the normal amount. they say there's still no immediate threat to health. the plant operator may spray around the plant to prevent the spread of water. and they may use clothing to prevent the release of fumes. >>> test results were released for massachusetts and pennsylvania. california results are expected within the next few days. government officials say it's not a long-term public health concern because radioactive iodine degrades quickly. but there's one warning from virginia authorities to avoid drinking rain water out of an abundance of caution. > president obama is calling for a big reduction of oil imports as part of a broad, new energy policy. the measures he outlined at georgetown university, includes a one-third reduction in oil, a shift to cleaning -- cleaner fuels. he said he's determined to ensure the safety of u.s. plants and he says that smarter, safer methods are in place for the expansion of offshore oil exploration. >> to
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